Registration Policies and Procedures

Registration Policies and Procedures

All NHGA Event Registration should be done online via our USGA Tournament Management Portal. 

Non-New Hampshire residents are permitted to participate in NHGA Championships under the following guidelines.
  • Individuals who are full, dues paying members in good standing at an NHGA member club are eligible to participate so long as they have posted a minimum of ten (10) scores at that club in the past year OR in the calendar year, up to the deadline date, of the championship for which they’re applying. The NHGA may require documentation from a club official that the individual is a full member in good standing.
  • Individuals that only have their handicap established at an NHGA member club and are not considered full members by that club are also eligible to play. These individuals must have maintained their handicap at a New Hampshire club for a minimum of three (3) years and posted no fewer than fifteen (15) scores per year at that club or other NHGA member clubs. Individuals not meeting this requirement are generally not eligible to participate although the NHGA will entertain special requests made in writing to the Board of Directors.
  • Non-resident New Hampshire college students are not eligible to participate when remaining in New Hampshire during the summer months.

REFUND POLICY - A $10 service charge will be retained by the NHGA on all refunds granted for any reason. Entry fees will not be refunded within fourteen days of the start of the competition unless there are extreme circumstances preventing participation in the event. A player may request a full refund in writing for any reason. 

To register for a profile and/or an NHGA Tournament, CLICK HERE. Registration for tournament accounts is now open.  Please see below for a tutorial on how to create an NHGA Tournament Profile.


NHGA Tournament Profile Registration Tutorial Video

This is the profile you will use to register for NHGA  tournaments.

Team Event Registration Tutorial Video

If you run into any problems trying to register for a profile or tournament, please contact the NHGA Office at 603-219-0371.