GHIN Handicapping Resource Center

This page is a resource and FAQ center for NHGA member clubs & Golf Professionals.  Below you will find information on the GHP Program, USGA TM and other handicapping related resources.
Remember that the NHGA office is happy to assist with any GHIN or USGA TM related questions that our member clubs have at any time.  Additionally, our staff is available for on-site GHP installation and GHP and USGA TM training.  
Please email Kate Kellar with any feedback about our Resource Center.  
Important Links for NHGA Member Facilities:
GHP Online Club
This gives clubs the ability to access their handicap system remotely.  Simply enter your club number and password.  
Golfer Posting Screen
Your clubs kiosk screen.  Double click the GHIN logo on the bottom of the page to updated your clubs preferences.  
GHIN Information Central
This is a fantastic portal put together by the Carolinas Golf Association. It includes training documents and videos on GHIN and USGA TM.
NHGA YouTube Channel
Watch uploads of GHIN and TPP training videos

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