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Vermont Women Claim 2022 Tri-State Title

June 15th, 2022

Salem, NH – New Hampshire hosted the 2022 Women’s Tri-State tournament, beginning June 14th and concluding on June 15th at Campbell’s Scottish Highlands.  For the second-straight year, Team Vermont has claimed the Women’s Tri-State title winning by 12.5 points over Maine and 26.5 points over New Hampshire.  It was a great week filled with friendly competition, team camaraderie, smiles and high fives, despite the loss for the home state’s team.
The first round of the competition is an Alternate-Shot format with three points up for grabs in each match, one point for winning the front nine, one point for winning the back nine and one point for winning the most holes total.  At the end of the first round, Vermont led the tournament with 50 points, while Maine had 45.5 and New Hampshire had 39.5.  Team New Hampshire kept their spirits high as they knew a lot more golf had to be played before a winner was to be crowned.
The second round of the competition was Singles matches, each player playing their own ball with the same point system used from the first round.  As matches began to finish up on the second day, New Hampshire found themselves in the lead as they had made up the 10.5 point deficit they incurred from the first round.  It was back and forth for much of the day with the end result coming down to the final matches.  Vermont ultimately came out on top with 148 points, Maine finished second with 135.5 and New Hampshire in third with 121.5.
New Hampshire team captain Sherry Osgood commented on the course saying, “Campbell’s Scottish Highlands provided a beautiful, well-maintained course that all the players loved.  Participants loved the openness, character and personality of the course and all the staff were friendly and accommodating to the players.”
Thank you to Campbell’s Scottish Highlands for hosting this year’s Tri-State tournament!