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The New Hampshire Golf Association is always looking for new volunteers to assist at our events. Volunteers can help as starters, scoring officials, forecaddies or rules officials. We encourage you and anyone you know who would like to get involved to contact the NHGA office (603-219-0371) or email Tournament Director Greg Howell at greg@nhgolf.com to learn more.

The NHGA has volunteers that serve on the NHGA Board of Directors, on the NHGA Course Rating Team, and at NHGA tournaments. For NHGA tournaments we have two main categories of volunteers: observers and rules officials. Most of our volunteers are observers although a few have worked up to being rules officials through education and experience in the field. We also use volunteers for both starting and scoring.

Our observers function primarily as fore caddies, being positioned on key holes during events. They assist players with locating stray balls. They also keep our Rules Chairman and Tournament Director apprised of any pace of play issues, and they call in any available rules official when a Rules issue arises. At some events where we have fewer players, observers may fore caddie for a specific group and assist that group as needed. In any case, we insist that any Rules questions be called into the Tournament Director or the Rules Chairman.

We supply our volunteers with a hat, golf shirt (or two if working multiple days in a row), a name tag, and lunch. We have around 30 active volunteers, some of whom work between 10-30 days a year, and others that work one or two. We are always thankful for any contributions our volunteers can make to our tournament program. We receive many compliments from players about our volunteers, and our tournament program is highly respected throughout New England.

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