USGA Allied Golf Association

USGA Allied Golf Association

Fifty-nine regional golf associations have entered into a new relationship with the United States Golf Association to enhance the golfer experience at the state and local levels in the United States. 

These Allied Golf Associations (AGAs), supported by the USGA’s five existing regional affairs offices, will administer the USGA Handicap and Course Rating Systems within defined geographic areas across the country. In addition, they will serve as the community’s primary resource for USGA services such as championship qualifiers, governance, golf facility support and programs that help grow and improve the long-term health of the game.

The New Hampshire Golf Association has been selected by the USGA as the Allied Golf Association for New Hampshire. In collaboration with the New Hampshire Women's Golf Association, the NHGA will continue to provide the same services with enhanced customer support in a more streamlined effort.

Read the full AGA release from the USGA by clicking here.

Allied Golf Association FAQs:

Q:  As a New Hampshire golfer, how does this affect me?

A:  Individual golfers within New Hampshire will see no difference in handicapping throughout the Granite State.  All computation and products (i.e. GHIN Mobile App) will all remain the same. 

Q:  Who do I contact if I have a question about my GHIN handicap?

  You should first contact your home club head professional or handicap committee to resolve any questions regarding your handicap.  If they cannot answer your question, please contact the NHGA Office at 603-219-0371.

Q:  What will happen with Course Rating?

  The NHGA and NHWGA have created one combined Course Rating team that will rate courses together.  When the Course Rating team is on site at a golf course, both men's and women's ratings will be administered.  Anyone with questions about Course Rating should contact the NHGA Office at 603-219-0371.