An essential part of the World Handicap System is that all golfers in a region have their Handicap Index® updated on regular and consistent basis. Under the new Rules of Handicapping, handicap indexes now update on a daily basis.  If you posted a score, your handicap index will be revised the following day.

Each eRevision includes:

  • Golfer Name & GHIN Number
  • 20 Scores ssed to Calculate your Handicap Index
  • Quick Links to Web Site
  • Association News & Updates

E-Mail Addresses

A requirement of receiving eRevision is to provide a unique e-mail address. These are kept secure and are guarded by your golf association. Addresses may be added to GHIN records in a number of ways:

  • Player Management in the GHIN Handicap Program
  • Contacting your Golf Association
If you wish to update your email address to receive eRevisions, please send the updated email address to membership@nhgolf.com .