An essential part of the USGA® Handicap System™ is that all golfers in a region have their Handicap Index® updated on regular and consistent basis. The revision schedule of when these changes occur may not be well known by all golfers and it may not be convenient to get to their club to get a new handicap sticker. Now golfers can receive eRevision™ via e-mail when the revised USGA Handicap Index become official.

Detailed Report

Prior to the revision date, golfers will receive an e-mail from their golf association with a link to their most current eRevision. More than just a number, an eRevision is a detailed representation of all of the scores that were part of the new evaluation. In addition to a representation of the handicap card and sticker, there is the golfer's Handicap Index history, golf association news, and links to important and useful web information and tools.

Each eRevision includes:

  • Golfer Name & GHIN Number
  • Most Recent 13 Handicap Indexes
  • Current Score History
  • Lowest Two Tournament Scores
  • Handicap Card & Sticker Replica
  • Quick Links to Web Sites
  • Course Handicap Calculator
  • Association News

E-Mail Addresses

A requirement of receiving eRevision is to provide an e-mail address. These are kept secure within the GHIN Enterprise Server and are guarded by your golf association. Addresses may be added to GHIN records in a number of ways:

  • Player Management in the GHIN Handicap Program
  • Score Entry when Address Update is Activated
  • Contacting your Golf Association
If you wish to update your email address to receive eRevisions, please send the updated email address to membership@nhgolf.com .