How Golf Impacts the Granite State

The game of golf plays a vital role in the state of New Hampshire. Support of the economy, protection of the environment, and giving back to charitable causes are all important ways in which the game supports the local Granite State community. Learn more about the positive impact that the game is having in New Hampshire.

Growing the Granite State Economy

Growing the Granite State Economy

Whether you're a life long NHGA member or brand new to the game, it may come as a surprise to you that golf has and continues to make a huge impact in the Granite State. In 2012, the NHGA, in conjunction with other allied associations across New Hampshire and New England, commissioned Golf 20/20 and SRI International to create an Economic Impact Study on the role of golf in New Hampshire.

The full report can be found by CLICKING HERE.

A couple of highlights:

  • In 2010, New Hampshire's golf industry generated a total economic impact of $525.1 million.
  • The game supported nearly 6,200 jobs with wage income of $151.2 million
  • Golf's total economy in New Hampshire ($289.8 million) rates behind Skiing ($317.5 million) and Boating ($296.2 million)
  • Golf facilities generated $157.4 million in revenue in 2010 which exceeds the combined revenue of all other major spectator sports (hockey, soccer, auto racing, etc.) combined.

Annually, the NHGA gives back more than $150,000 to the game golf in New Hampshire. If you'd like to support our efforts, please consider becoming an NHGA Member today or make a Donation to the NHGA as we continue to help the game grow and flourish.

For more information on the NHGA, you can contact the NHGA office at (603) 219-0371 or find our staff contact information here.

A Sustainable Game

A Sustainable Game

In partnership with the GCSANE, the NHGA strives to promote the many positive benefits that golf has on the environment. Through environmental responsibility in golf course design, maintenance, and water usage, the entire industry is focused on the sustainability of the game. Below are some relevant facts about golf and the environment thanks to our friends at the World Golf Foundation.

  • The nearly 32,000 golf facilities worldwide provide communities with valuable green space
  • Golf courses can be healthy natural environments. The turfgrass on courses serves to filter runoff and control flooding; out of play green areas provide a habitat for wildlife; trees and bushes filter dust and pollen; and green space as a cooling effect on surrounding property
  • Golf courses are managed by professionally trained individuals who have been educated and certified in best practices to ensure that their facilities are being operated in an environmentally responsible manner
  • The widespread benefits of golf course landscapes are created with the utmost concern for responsible water usage. A high priority is also placed on the minimal usage of pesticides and fertilizers.

There are many programs available to learn more about the sustainability of golf, including the The First Green. We encourage golfers and non-golfers alike to explore the many benefits that the game of golf has on our environment.

Golf Gives Back

Golf Gives Back

New Hampshire golf course owners, club managers, and PGA Professionals are happy to serve as access points for fundraising by local service organizations. Numerous charitable events are hosted on New Hampshire's golf courses each year benefiting organizations such as The First Tee of New Hampshire, McDonough Scholarship Foundation, local schools, community health organizations, and many others.

The First Tee of New Hampshire introduces young people to the game and values that golf provides.

In 2010, the total amount of charitable giving to the game was nearly $9.65 million.

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