The New Hampshire Golf Association is guided by a volunteer board of directors from throughout the state. The NHGA BOD is made up of a dedicated group of individuals that are interested in seeing golf grow throughout the Granite State. Board members are expected to represent the NHGA in the community and to attend board meetings as needed. Those interested in becoming a member of the NHGA BOD, should contact Dave Larrivee, Chair of the Nominating Committee.

The current NHGA leadership is listed below.

Josh Chamberlain


 Stonebridge CC 

David Larrivee

 Vice President 

 Manchester CC 

Mitch Jean


 Laconia CC 

Dan Ethier


 Nashua CC 

Jim Jankowski

 Past President 

 Baker Hill GC 

Joanne Flynn, PGA


 Windham CC 

Patti Wildman


 Concord CC 

Steve Thorpe


 The Golf Club of New England 

Bill Krueger


 Concord CC 

John Burnham


 Cochecho CC 

Tara Watt


 Derryfield CC 

Maureen Power


 Passaconaway CC 

Cindy McLaughlin


 Derryfield CC 

Phil Pleat


 Nashua CC 

Sherry Osgood


 Lochmere Golf & CC 

Dan Mulkern


 The Golf Club of New England 

Past Presidents & Committees

Jim Jankowski - 2021-2022

Joanne Flynn, PGA - 2019-2020

Glenn Walton - 2017-2018

Joseph Kane - 2015-2016

Bill Krueger - 2013-2014

Pat Spooner - 2011-2012

John Emond - 2009-2010

Dennis Greenwood - 2007-2008

Paul Arruda - 2005-2006

Peter Hager - 2003-2004

Rick Levasseur - 2001-2002

Bill Harmon - 1999-2000

John MacAllister - 1997-1998

Peter Anastos - 1995-1996

Glenn Guillemette - 1993-1994

John Bottomley - 1991-1992

Gary Philippy - 1989-1990

Committe | Executive
Chair | Josh Chamberlain
Staff | Schmidt
Members | Jankowski, Ethier, Jean, Chamberlain

Committee | Finance
Chair | Dan Ethier
Staff | Schmidt
Members | Osgood, Perron, Elwell, Krueger

Comittee | Development/Sponsorship
Chair | David Larrivee
Staff | Schmidt
Members | Thorpe, Jean, Mulkern

Committee | Rules & Competitions
Chair | Tara Watt
Staff | Hoffmann
Members | Wildman, Chamberlain, Woods, Krueger, Osgood, Pleat, Sullivan, Jacques

Committee | Growth of the Game & Junior Golf
Chair | Patti Wildman
Staff | Lanman
Members | Burnham, Flynn, Thorpe, Watt

Comittee | Human Resources
Chair | John Burham
Staff | Schmidt
Members | Jean, Osgood

Committee | Long-Range Planning
Chair | Steve Thorpe
Staff | Schmidt
Members | Chamberlain, Krueger, Mulkern, McLaughlin, Larrivee, Jankowski

Committee | Course Rating
Chair | Mitch Jean
Staff | Billings
Members | Krueger, Walton, Power, McLaughlin

Committee | Nominating
Chair | Dave Larrivee
Members | Jankowski, Jean, Chamberlain, Wildman

Committee | Handicapping/Technology Services
Chair | Mo Power
Staff | Billings
Members | Burnham, Rogusky, Johnston

Committee | Hall of Fame
Chair | Phil Pleat
Staff | Schmidt
Members | Mielcarz, Loch, Chea, TBA

Committee | Transition
Chair | Cindy McLaughlin
Staff | Schmidt
Members | Woodward, Sullivan, Rogusky, Wildman, Watt, Power, Osgood

Committee | Past Presidents
Chair | Josh Chamberlain
Staff | Schmidt
Members | Flynn, Walton, Jankowski

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