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Wednesday's with WVPT

March 8th, 2017

Author: Ryan Hubbard
Golf Warm up

Hi everyone! It’s starting to warm up out there and hopefully we’re starting to see a glimpse of the spring weather! For this edition of “Wednesdays with Willem Verweij” I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the importance of a proper warm up before your round.  Countless times as player and observer I have seen players show up minutes before their tee time, hit a few putts, and then move on to the first tee and swing cold.  Warm up exercises are not only important to reduce injury risk, but are necessary to set your body up to shoot lower scores as well.  Yet, a proper warm up does not have to be 20-30 minutes, although that is ideal.  I have created a warm up that I issue to all my golfers to hit all the joints and body areas that tend to be the stiffest.  This set of exercises can be completed in no more than 5 minutes.  Some of these exercises you may or may not have seen before.   You can perform these at home or at the gym before your usual exercise program as well. 

Tip: Before you tee off at the start of your round, make sure you practice swing in BOTH directions (10 times each).  This will keep your body balanced and more flexible.
Upper back turns with side bending in half kneeling x 5 each side
Bend down on your right knee to assume the half kneeling position with your left foot forward.  Interlock your hands behind your head and rotate your upper trunk to the left side as far as you can.  Side bend towards the left with your upper trunk while maintaining the left rotation maximally. See if you can rotate more to the left.  Repeat to the left five more times, then switch legs and repeat to the other side.
Reverse flys x 30
Start with your arms out front and palms together. Keeping arms parallel with floor, open arms out to side to pinch your shoulder blades together and then return to the starting position.
Arm circles x 20 each way on each side
While standing erect and core muscles embraced, slowly bring your shoulder and shoulder blade through a full arc of motion in one direction and then subsequently in the opposing direction (clockwise and counterclockwise). Try to get your shoulder blades to move with the motion. Repeat the opposite in the other direction.    
Forward lunges x 5 each leg
Step one leg forward and bend both knees to 90 degrees. Keep front leg in straight forward alignment and most of body weight on front leg.  Keep your trunk straight and chest up.  Push off of front leg to return to standing.

Standing Slow march x 20
March in place raising alternating knees as high as tolerated.  Hold 3 seconds in order to balance.

Dynamic leg raise x 15 each leg
Standing next to a counter, wall or tree for balance, swing your leg as high as you can and as far back as you can with controlled speed while keeping your hips level.